Building Gaza’s first and only public pediatric cancer dept

The Dr. Musa and Suhaila Gaza Pediatric Cancer Department

Our goal is to ensure that, every child in Gaza fighting cancer ,has the chance to get the care that they need locally, without regard to politics, religion or money.

$ 6,000,000

Our Goal

$ 4,950,000


$ 1,050,000

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A humanitarian project of the PCRF

About the Project

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinian kids in Gaza suffer from war, poverty, siege and occupation, making them among the world’s most marginalized and oppressed population of children in the world. Our goal as a humanitarian medical relief organization is to find ways that we can save lives and make life tolerable for children who are lacking access to medicine, medical care and proper care or services within their country.

Here are some photos of children in Gaza who are fighting cancer, and waiting for our new department to be built. We are working hard to get this department up and running, but are dealing with many challenges that require that we continue to remember that these children are the reason we work.

Construction Progress in Pictures

Dr. Musa and Suhaila Nasir

The department that we are building in Gaza is named after Dr. Musa and Suhaila Nasir, who helped to build the PCRF at a time when we were just starting out. Dr. Musa was chairman for many years and Suhaila herself housed and cared for several sick and injured children being treated in the USA. The PCRF would not exist today without their support, leadership and humanity. This is our way to honor them and to help kids at the same time.

Children's Stories

This is why our department's purpose is so important to the lives of children in Gaza