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Beating Hearts for Healing Hearts PCRF Holiday Campaign

We ask you to help us continue to support the building of pediatric cardiac surgery services in the West Bank and Gaza Strip so every child born with heart disease in Palestine gets the care that they need in their own hospitals.

$ 100,000.00

Our Goal

$ 157,959.97


The PCRF Pediatric Cardiac Program

Beating Hearts for Healing Hearts PCRF Holiday Campaign will support the building of two pediatric cardiac programs, one at the European Gaza Hospital and the other at the Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah. With your support, children in Palestine born with congenital heart disease will receive the care they deserve through life-saving, local open-heart surgery. The program will assist in building a local public service so that children have a chance to receive treatment in Palestine without the concerns of traveling outside of their local communities or face a denial of care. Our small goal of $100,000 will help more than 500 children born in Palestine a year facing this disease receive treatment and a chance to live another day

the program

  • The Beginning

    In 1998, the PCRF started sponsoring volunteer pediatric cardiac surgery teams to go to Palestine to provide life-saving open-heart surgery on children born with congenital heart disease. At that time, there was no program at all in Palestine to help care for the hundreds of children in need of treatment, and many of them were dying needlessly.

  • The Growth

    Hundreds of doctors and nurses from all over the world have traveled to Palestine through the PCRF to provide life-saving care for thousands of babies in Gaza and the West Bank. From 1998-2012, the PCRF built the first and only pediatric cardiac surgery program at Makassed Hospital in East Jerusalem, which is now fully functioning and independent.

  • Reaching Gaza

    In 2013, we started a new initiative to build up a pediatric cardiac surgery department in the European Gaza Hospital (EGH) in Khan Younis, which would address the medical and surgical needs of the hundreds of babies in Gaza with heart disease, who were having problems getting access to care outside due to the siege and occupation.

  • So much More to Achieve

    Currently, the PCRF is supporting the training of doctors and nurses, the building of infrastructure, the treatment of children and the sponsorship of medical missions to both the EGH and the PMC in an effort to ensure that every Palestinian child born with heart disease in the occupied territories gets the care that they need and deserve.

  • Guarantee of Quality

    This is overseen by an international team of volunteer consultants called the International Palestinian Cardiac Relief Organization (IPCRO), who are ensuring that the effort to build up training and treatment services locally in Palestine is following the proper medical and ethical standards and guidelines.

  • The Expansion

    In 2015, the PCRF started a new department of pediatric cardiac surgery at the Palestine Medical Complex (PMC) in Ramallah, as the number of operations in Makassed Hospital for children were too low to ensure that every Palestinian child in the West Bank could get care. This included a major reconstruction of the pediatric ICU in Ramallah, and purchasing $1 million dollars worth of supplies and equipment.

Successful Stories

Here are some of the children who we have helped to treat over the years


Abdelrahman Ismail Thaheer


Bara’ Ismail Radie


Habibah Hani Alamour


Mahdi Hamed Nassasrah


The International Palestinian Cardiac Relief Organization (IPCRO) was established in 2003 by the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) in coordination with many of the international volunteers who we have worked with extensively in providing adult and pediatric cardiac surgery in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The purpose of IPCRO is to serve as the main consulting arm of the PCRF to build pediatric cardiac surgery program in Palestine.