Twelve Refugee Children Sponsored for Surgery in Jordan

Last week, ten Syrian refugees and two Palestinian refugees from Gaza Camp were sponsored for ENT surgery at the Rosary Sister Hospital in Irbid. Dr. Laith Khasawneh operated on 6-year-olds Nour Harba, Mohammed Alazghab, Ghazal Rifai, 4-year-olds Jana Farhan, Osama Zakaria, Nusr Ikrad, Mohammed Abo Daboos, 10-year-old Emad Almustafa, 3-year-old Zain Otuom, 5-year-olds Abdullah Mahameed and Raghad Aljatali, and 9-year-old Laith Shatali were all sponsored for surgery through the PCRF's "One-Time Sponsorship" Program.  .