The PCRF Sponsors Surgery for 12 Children in Jordan

This week, the PCRF sponsored ENT surgeries for ten Syrian refugees and two Jordanian children at the Irbid Islamic Hospital in Northern Jordan. 3-year-old Abdulmalik Almasri, 8-year-olds Layal Shaban, Ayah Salkhadi and Bashar Khalili, 6-year-old Leen Salkhadi, 4-year-old Hajer Abazaid, 14-year-old Israa Abazaid, 11-year-old Maram Odeh, 9-year-olds Mohammed Qataf and Moyed Hasan, and 5-year-olds Mutaz Masalmeh and Lamar Shaban. Dr. Mahmoud Matalkha at Irbid Islamic Hospital provided the operations through our One-Time Sponsorship Program, which provides children from all religions and nationalities the care that they need.